Annual Card - Registration

4-Annual Card and 5-Annual Card

With the 4-Annual Card and 5-Annual Card you choose your preferred dates from GH1-GH6. To do this, follow steps 1-3 (below).

Up to €200,- discount!

6er Jahreskarte

If you choose the 6-Annual Card, you will take part in all of our 6 GH-MOTO Cup dates.

In addition there is a sensational price reduction of € 337,- .

Please note: For all dates (GH1-GH6), the annual ticket only includes SAT + SUN or MON + TUE in Brno.

For the dates GH1 to GH6, drivers who do not have enough with 2 days can book additional days under “Events” after purchasing the Annual Card, because in 2021 some GH-MOTO dates will again be linked to the 1000PS Bridgestone Trackdays.

If you are already registered, you can log in here and then return to this page. Your data will then be pre-filled. Otherwise register here or enter the data without registering.

1. Choose your type

2. Wähle deine Events

Normalpreis: € 2433,--
Dein Ersparnis: € 368,--
Gesamtpreis: € 2065,--

3. Datenerfassung

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