As of season 2021 GH-MOTO is the carrier of the MOTO MASTERS Austria racing series.

  • Compete with ambitious hobby drivers on a license-free level

  • Win tires in EVERY event

  • SBK powered by Pirelli

  • SSP powered by Bridgestone

  • FIM race director and point system

SSP powered by Bridgestone

All motorcycles suitable for racing with max. up to 650ccm / 4Z, max. up to 765ccm / 3Z, max. up to 960ccm / 2Z are allowed to start. Otherwise no technical restrictions.

The fastest 35-45 drivers (depending on the route homologation) of the Qualy are allowed to start in this race.


SBK powered by Pirelli

All motorcycles suitable for racing over 650 / 4Z ccm, 765 / 3Z and from 960 / 2Z ccm are allowed to start, otherwise no technical restrictions.


Scoring according to FIM - 1st 25 points, 2nd 20 points, 3rd 18 points, etc.

If the class changes during the season, the points remain.


Start: Standing start ( GP-Start )

Race distance: 10 laps

Rating: For the award of points, the race must be finished on the start-finish straight.




Daily Ranking

Overall rating

1st Place


€ 750,- Credit for a JK at GH-MOTO 2022 + Cup

2nd Place


€ 500,- Credit for a JK at GH-MOTO 2021 + Cup

3rd Place


€ 300,- Credit for a JK at GH-MOTO 2021 + Cup

4th Place


€ 200,- Credit for a JK at GH-MOTO 2021 + Cup

5th Place


€ 100,- Credit for a JK at GH-MOTO 2021 + Cup

6. – 10th Place



In addition, the fastest drivers will receive a free set of tires (Bridgestone - SSP, Pirelli - SBK) as a reward at every race if they have contested the race with this tire.


Then get a GH-MOTO annual ticket right away. Warning: Strictly limited.

Event booking

You can find detailed information about the GH-MOTO season 2021 and all cups in our announcement.