Daily Accident Insurance

Why is a accident insurance important?

After an accident, health insurance covers the costs of healing and rehabilitation. If the body retains a disability after the medical treatment has been completed, everyday life can present a whole new set of challenges. Stairs you can no longer climb, the stove you can no longer operate, the tall closet you can no longer reach.
You may no longer be allowed to drive a car and the employer terminates your employment. In this first phase of realignment, many things are changed. In most cases, this costs money (bridging unemployment, remodeling the house, paying a home help, etc.). This money is provided by an accident insurance.

Accident insurance provides benefits if an accident leaves a permanent impairment of the body or mind.

A normal, private accident insurance can refuse the benefit, if it concerns accidents on the race track. With us, you can take out a daily accident insurance policy for each event, which includes the motorsport risk ("achieving the maximum speed"). We strongly recommend the conclusion.

The insurance costs 15,- Euro per day and includes a maximum disability benefit of 100.000,- Euro (in case of 100% disability), the deductible is 25%. This means that the insurance only pays out from a disability of 25%. Additionally insured is a death benefit in the amount of 10.000,- Euro.

How can I insure myself?

You can simply book the accident insurance with your entry. Together with your entry confirmation you will receive the information that the insurance has been concluded for you.

GH-Moto offers you up to 5 days before the event to take out a daily accident insurance, which includes the motorsport risk ("achieving the maximum speed") so also the races. We strongly recommend you to take out this insurance. You are insured by the company Raceinc through our insurance broker Tobias Groenen and not by the company Moto-Event GmbH.

Scope and extent of daily accident insurance

The daily accident insurance is concluded separately with the organizer for each event. It begins with the specified starting day from the official start of the event and ends with the specified closing day at the end of the official event. Accidents that are directly related to driving on the race track are insured. In addition to accidents on the race track, this also includes accidents in the paddock and in the pit lane.

You can find more information and conditions here

ATTENTION: New account number since 29.01.2021 for accident insurance bookings. You will find it in the email you receive as confirmation of the form below.

Even better, even safer for you

An even better consideration is to take out an annual accident insurance with included racing risk! Here the sum insured can be significantly increased, which is very useful and recommended.

You can find more information about the annual accident insurance here.