On this page you will find recurring questions about our trackdays, booking and many more.


Can I participate on your events as a beginner?

Yes and no. Each of us has started once. You should basically be able to ride your motorcycle safely and master the most basic driving maneuvers, then nothing stands in the way of a first experience on the racetrack.

We recommend the 1000PS Bridgestone Trackdays to get started, these are also held by our company and are always coupled with the GH-MOTO events, so always the 2 days before. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the first turns and teach you everything you need for a day on the track. One or better 2 days before GH-MOTO at the 1000PS Bridgestone Trackdays gain experience and you can start at GH-MOTO. So there's fun, learning progress and safety from the beginning.

Which riders are riding with GH-MOTO?

With us is riding the responsible and ambitious hobby rider, who has his motorcycle properly together and everything regularly checked and no " ragged heap" to the race track brings.

Responsible driving and thinking along with every competitor are very important to us from our riders. Accordingly, he/she drives with foresight and in a civilized manner and does not, for example, brake into gaps that are not there.

Drivers who have a license and regularly participate in international competitions, i.e. those who drive lap times far below 2 minutes at the Pannoniaring, may come to train with us, but should not participate in the races and would not be classified.  

Transponder: Why is there a transponder mandatory?

How can an organizer divide the groups sensibly and effectively? How do you prevent the event from not running smoothly due to the incorrect self-assessment of some participants, and how do you prevent problematic and dangerous situations from arising in the turns? And how do you get the resulting safety risk under control?

There are various solutions and approaches. Ours has looked like this for years: (the relatively few crashes in the past at our events apparently prove us right):

For this reason, transponders have been mandatory for us for years and EVERY participant must mount a transponder. In return, all entry fees for all races of the event are included in the price!

During the lunch break of the first day, all groups are then redistributed, so that from this point on we have very homogeneous groups with relatively little time difference and therefore much less dangerous situations and crashes.

And yes, we are well aware that some would rather ride in the next faster group or some in the next slower group, which is also possible in small numbers because we do not fill the groups to the edge.

We are also aware that it is tedious to get new helmet stickers right after half a day, but making a correct division as soon as possible brings everyone more fun, success and above all safety for the rest of the event.

Since our events are usually fully booked, a redistribution between the groups after regrouping is in principle only possible with difficulty or with few riders. Exceptions confirm the rule here, too, of course.

Why can GH-MOTO offer trackdays relatively cheap? - But why are there cheaper ones?

Why are we not the cheapest on the market? A few very clear sentences about this:

We have nearly all of our events on weekends or holidays, where the race tracks are much more expensive than during the week.
SAFETY is very important to us! The safety package is also always an issue and of course costs money. We drive on all our booked tracks exclusively with the largest safety package offered to us and even beyond (On various tracks we book extra still an additional rescue with doctor).
We have some voluntary helpers at our events, but also staff, which is paid by us to ensure a smooth process.

Why are there cheaper organizers:  

Events during the week are much cheaper than on the weekend and therefore these organizers are in no way comparable to those who hold their events on the weekend.
Cheaper organizers for example overbook the groups and you are faced with red lights (tires cool down - increased risk of crashing ).

Can I participate at your event as a license rider?

License riders are welcome to use our events as a training opportunity, but will not be classified.

Are there special rules at GH-MOTO?

It is important to us at our GH-MOTO events that the fun is at the top, but we also care about the safety and health of our riders. Therefore, there is a Wheely&Burnout - ban on the entire area and also all other motorcycle tricks are not allowed. When accelerating, e.g. at the start, it can happen that the front wheel moves a little bit high, we will recognize this as unintentional. Intentional wheelies, stoppies or burnouts will not be tolerated by us and therefore would have consequences (e.g. a participation ban at our events).

You can read this and other important information in our General Race Track Rules.

What happens in case of an accident?

On track, the marshals of the respective race track are always on duty to ensure first aid. Ambulances, paramedics and doctors are also part of our service package. For the on-site care we have the best possible care. Further arrangements are made by the surrounding hospitals, which are prepared for all possible injuries from a race due to the closeness of the race track. For a possible transport home the necessary foreign health insurance, the accident insurance or a protection letter will take care of it. But you have to organize this yourself.

Why are there more rescue vehicles than mandatory at GH-MOTO?

At racing events on the racetrack, a rescue must be on site for safety reasons. For us, the satisfaction and safety of our drivers is our top priority, which is why we always book the largest possible safety package for our drivers.

But why two or three rescues? On the one hand, the advantage is that there are more medical staff on site if several people have crashed and need help. On the other hand, it is the case that after a fall, the person may be injured and need to be taken to a hospital by the rescue. Should this be the case, the race will be stopped in the meantime, because the race cannot be run without a rescue. However, since we have several rescues on site, 99% of the operation can be resumed with only a short delay.

If I crash, will my insurance pay anything?

Each driver should clarify this with his/her insurance company, as each insurance company handles this differently. It is often the case, however, that circuit racing is excluded from many comprehensive and accident insurance policies.

Since most motorcycles on the race track are not registered, no liability insurance can be involved in the event of damage with third-party involvement. Therefore, it is important that everyone is aware of the fact that at the circuit, in the event of a crash due to the higher speeds, more often damage to the motorcycle can occur, for which you then have to pay yourself. (even in the case of third-party fault - the code of honor on the racetrack is: Everyone pays for his own damage, regardless of the question of fault!) Therefore, it is advantageous to inform yourself in advance at his own insurance.

Booking & Registration

What is the Flying Rider Cup (FRC), the Pace Rider Cup (PRC) or the Smart Rider Cup (SRC)?

The Flying Rider Cup ( FRC ) is a race with flying start for all riders who don't want standing starts, no matter how fast they are - see tender. (no minimum lap time)

The Pace Rider Cup ( PRC ) is also with flying start for riders who ride a lap time between approximately 2:05 and 2:14 (at the Pann) and also here with annual classification in the classes SSP and SBK-see tender.

The Smart Rider Cup ( SRC ) is also with flying start for not yet so fast riders ( at the Pann not faster than 2.14 ) and also with annual classification in the classes SSP and SBK-see tender.

What happens if I have bought an annual ticket and then have to quit in the middle of the season?


Basically, GH-MOTO can find a solution for everything. On the one hand there is the possibility to get the outstanding events credited for the next season and on the other hand tickets/racedays can be passed on to another person, if this has been agreed with us in advance.

If you have bought an annual ticket at GH-MOTO and can not participate in all events due to a crash or similar, please contact us by phone or mail.

Can I also book additional days for an event?

Yes, as we have paired most of the events with the 1000PS events, additional events can be booked at any time on https://www.1000ps-trackdays.at/

I would like to book a box, how does it work?

When you click on a ticket during your booking, simply select YES in the " box reservation" field. This will tell us that you want to book a box. Please note that this is not a confirmed reservation for a box.

It is best to send an email to office@gh-moto.com and we will clarify this.

I would like to book an event that is already fully booked. Is there a waiting list?

On our homepage under "Events" you could see for which events there are still places available and which are already fully booked (traffic light colors green - yellow - red). If there are no more tickets available for the desired event, please contact us by mail at office@gh-moto.com and you will be put on the waiting list or we can tell you more precisely if there are any more places available due to cancellations.

It makes sense to be put on the waiting list, because again and again riders have to cancel their booked event for various reasons. We will contact you by email as soon as a place is available for you.

Will I receive an order and payment confirmation after my booking?

Yes, you will receive an automatic booking confirmation immediately after booking and after depositing the payment you will consequently receive a payment confirmation from us. Important: Please also check all spam folders and mark our mail as "Safe" or save our mail address, so that in the future you will receive all our mails directly to your inbox.


What service do I have at the racetrack?

Workshop service: A workshop service is on site at the race tracks in "Rijeka" and "Pann" to carry out repairs. In addition, the company "Racetec" , Riedl Manuel, is present at all our Cupevents and helps you if you have technical problems.

Suspension technology: At all our Cupevents is the company PEMA, the Gastinger Peter on site and helps you around the topic chassis.

Part service: By company Racetec (www.racetec.at) and also the company Pema (http://www.pema-mt.at/) we have 2 competent partners locally, which can supply you with spare parts.

Tire service: Our tire service company Zweiradprofi Pauer supplies you with tires on site and takes over the assembly. Special sizes and profile tires must be ordered in advance.

Photo service: Rok makes sure that your coolest lean angles are captured pictorially. rok.bacho@gmail.com  Instagram: rok_bacovnik


With which motorcycle can I participate?

You can participate with almost any motorcycle that is technically in perfect condition and has a certain driving dynamics.

Of course, a racing fairing is advantageous, because it can really save you money in case of a crash. But also with the original street fairing the participation is no problem.

If you have a street bike, you have to mask the headlights and disconnect the rear and brake lights. If not possible, you have to mask them and the rear view mirrors and remove the license plate.

An important aspect on the race track are of course the brakes, here you should of course check before the arrival, whether the pads are still good enough. Also during the event it is worthwhile to check them in the evening, because the pads on the race track have a much higher wear than on the road. Racing pads are an advantage here, but not a requirement. In any case, a set of reserve in the luggage is useful.

What do I need to consider when it comes to clothing?

The race track is to be ridden only with complete leather clothing suitable for the race track (minimum requirement: pants and jacket must be connected with a zipper), back protection, motorcycle leather gloves, motorcycle boots and full face helmet.

What happens if a race or free riding has to be interrupted?

Unfortunately, it can happen due to a crash, a technical defect (oil leakage, etc.) or a sudden change in the weather that a turn of a group must be canceled or skipped completely for your safety. In the free riding session, the schedule will be resumed as normal. Aborted turns cannot be made up, as otherwise the daily schedule would become too confusing if the schedule is no longer correct. Another reason for not making up the schedule is that the track can only be used until a certain time in the evening, otherwise it would not be possible to run all the races.

If a race has to be stopped after the first laps, there will be a restart with a shortened total time. If the race is stopped after half of the race, the distance driven so far will be counted and a restart will be waived.

A compensation for not driven turns or races can not be claimed.

Important: Always pay attention to the loudspeaker announcements as well as the notifications in our app (StUp), where you will be informed about everything throughout the event (crashes, changes in the schedule, etc.).

Is there electricity on the race track?

Yes, electricity is available both in the boxes and in the free paddock.

At some tracks you need an adapter ( e.g.: Rijeka )

Are there food and accommodation facilities on race tracks?

The real paddock feeling is when you camp, in a camper or whatever you can stay in, directly at the track. This is possible at all the tracks we have in our program. If you like it a bit more comfortable, you will find all kinds of accommodation in the immediate surroundings of the race tracks, from simple guesthouses to luxury hotels. We are happy to help with tips, but we would like to ask you to make your own reservations.

Attention: Tents, tarpaulins, umbrellas, etc. must be secured in such a way that they cannot be carried away by wind or storm and damage other property. The person who assembles and secures the tents also carries the responsibility.

During the training days self-catering is required. However, there are very good and not too expensive catering possibilities in the local restaurants at all routes. We will provide coffee and cake. From time to time we also cater for our drivers on the first evening after the endurance race with food and free beer (pasta evening, grilled sausage party or grilled chicken evening), depending on our possibilities and the conditions of the respective race track.

I will be staying at the hotel, can I leave my bike somewhere along the way?

We offer group boxes, where there are several riders who do not need their own box or travel alone. In these large boxes your motorcycle can be stored and as a nice side effect, new contacts and friendships are always made..

Is there a possibility to walk the track?

In principle, pedestrians, cyclists, etc. have the possibility to walk/ride on the track as soon as the race is over. Attention: Outside the scheduled turns, motorized vehicles are not allowed to be on the track.

We at GH-MOTO offer our participants and visitors to join our family lap on the first evening of the event to view/ride the track, but also guided track tours are planned for some events!

What is the family lap?

We at GH-MOTO offer our participants and visitors the opportunity to visit/ride the track on the first evening of the event as part of our family lap.

In doing so, riders can have their companions ride along on their vehicle. The family lap will be ridden at a very slow speed so that children with e-scooters, bicycles, pit bikes, etc... can also participate. No helmets required, that only restriction: the instructor in front can not be overtaken!!!