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with passion, gasoline in the veins and now over 18 years of experience, we want to provide you with the best racetrack experience. We are the place to go for rookies but also ambitious drivers with lots of free driving but also thrilling races on Europe's most popular race tracks. Discover our offers and events in the motorsport area. Immerse yourself in the action, speed and the fascination of motorsport in a family environment with the highest safety standards and with all the services for body & motorcycle on the race track.

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benefits for rookies

You are in good hands with us:

* Instructors at the event
* Rookieschool / personal coachings
* Cups for all different riding levels
* Maximun of free practice in equal groups

Riders briefing, live-timing, MyTime, results and much more you can find in the StUp app. Download here.

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Our CUP Classes 2024

Every driver will find what they are looking for here. In which class do you see yourself?


Everything you need to know about the CUP for ambitious hobby drivers.

* SBK classification
* SSP classification
* Austrian Endurance Cup

Zum Cup


All Aprilia`s together - standing start 8 laps race - for all riders of the brand Aprilia - other brands have no permission to start. Including many goodies like free box place.

Zum Cup

Flying Rider Cup

Lap times between 2.00 and 2.06  (SBK and SSP - separate classification) - flying start - 8 laps race- the race for fast riders that don't prefer a standing start

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NEW Pace Rider Cup

Lap times between 2.06 and 2.14  (SBK and SSP - separate classification) - flying start - 8 laps race- the race for those who do not have the whole year to train and therefore the times are not fast enough for under 2.06 at the Pannoniaring.

Zum Cup

Smart Rider Cup

Lap times over 2.14 at the Pannoniaring ( SBK and SSP - separate classification) - flying start 6 laps race - the Cup for beginners or already moderate riders, where the fun is in the spotlight and the lap time is already rather secondary.

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premium safety package

Safety is our priority number one. That is the reason why we are booking the maximum safety package which are possible on all our events.

FIM certified
race director

We have a FIM certified race director at all cup-events. This is resulting in safe races which are according the rules.

attractive cups

We provide races for all rider levels. 2 different starttypes available. Standing start (gp start) and flying start possible. Supersport, Superbike, amateur or ambitious racer, at GH-MOTO we have races for all levels..

fuel for your body

At all events we have free coffee and cakes for all the riders.

dinner & beer

On all our cup-events we provide free dinner and beer for all the riders.

coaching / school

Best advice and individual coaching at all our events. Theory training on request possible.

endurance race

Team vs. Team. We will host an endurace race on every cup-event, where you can join with your team.

maximum riding time

We offer you a lot of free practice turns so that you can spend a lot of time on the track without full groups. Additionally special practice / qualifying turns with 50% of the riders out on the track. Unique!.

family lap

On most of our events we host the famous family lap. this is the perfect opportunity to get to know the racetrack for family & friends.


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Von 22.6. - 23.6. sind wir auf der ehemaligen MOTOGP Strecke in Brünn unterwegs...

Countdown für Spätentschlossene!


Jahreskarten kurz vor Schluss, WU1 Grobnik, RightRiders, RaceFoxx Aktion...

Merry Xmas!


Ruhige Stunden anstatt Rundenzeitenjagden, der Duft von Weihnachtsbäckerei anstatt Benzingeruchs...

Das beste rundum sorglos Paket! Coole fahrer, familiäres Ambiente, professionelle Organisation.
Bin seit 3 Jahren jahreskartenfahrer. Und würde immer wieder diesen Veranstalter wählen!

Sebastain M.

Einfach toll dass es so einen Veranstalter wie GH-Moto gibt !!!! So unkompliziert und alles perfekt organisiert und ein freundliches Team!! Danke Danke

Tom B.

Gut organisiert, klare ansagen, klare regeln und auch immer wieder mal die disziplin einfordern, cool so!

Bettina K.